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Working With Influencers To Reach a Wider Audience - Financial Services

Businesses in financial services are known to shy away from social media. If the excuse isn't due to FCA regulations or the “know-how”, it usually just falls under the “not enough time” category.
Education is a huge need in the category around investing and getting a mortgage, taking out a new insurance plan, booking a forward contract and having real people tell real stories helps make the category less intimidating and a lot easier for audiences to digest.

So What is Influencer Marketing
It’s a type of marketing method that focuses on identifying the main people who act as influencers in your niche and using them to drive your brand's message to reach a your target audience and promote your brand.
Rather than marketing directly, you instead use influencers to get out the word for you.

So How Does This Benefit My Financial Service Business?
You can find an influencer who shares your target audience and reflects your brand’s values/image and approach them to introduce your products and services to new audiences through relatable content that “shows” rather than “tells.”
Instead of hard-selling a product or service, an influencer can create content that is tied back to authentic life experiences, such as saving for a wedding, buying a home, expanding a family, or enjoying a vacation or a great meal, or even showing the benefits of making smart investments.
Influencers can tell stories and personal anecdotes to humanise financial services companies. This type of quality content is more about promoting a lifestyle benefit than hitting the reader over the head with an “apply now” button.
It’s a modern-day take on word-of-mouth and product placement marketing.
Many of community banks, credit unions, and financial services businesses like to say they are friendly and approachable and understand your needs—but influencer marketing gives you an opportunity to prove it by conveying those messages in distinctive and memorable ways.

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