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ACCOUNTANTS, One way you can offer more value to your audience is by giving away a free ebook focused on a topic know will help your audience.

Giving something tangible that holds value (i.e., your expertise, knowledge something they would usually have to pay for) is a big way to engage your audience to your business and brand.

Here's how.

1. Create a landing page

Create a one-page website with two simple fields, email, and contact name. The fewer fields you have, the more chances you have of people completing it. When designing the page makes sure the focus is them receiving this ebook that can benefit their business without having to use you.

2. Create an ebook with a strong topic that relates to your target audience

Make sure when writing your ebook, the focus is NOT on selling any of your services to them. Focus on giving genuine value to your audience for free. It doesn't have to be long, maybe a few steps on "how to do this" or "5 ways to save money by doing this".

It just has to be something you know your audience can benefit from and do right away themselve to seie mprovement.

3. Link your landing page across your social platforms

The next step is traffic. Getting people onto your landing page. Uisngo your social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, drop the link to your landing page in the bio section of your page and also share the link frequently.

You could even go further and start an ad campaign focused on driving traffic to your landing page

4. People that visit your landing page should receive your free downloadable ebook.

A pretty basic step, have a function on your page that sends an automated email as soon as they enter their email and name, with a link or attachment containing your ebook.

ActiveCampaign is very good for this, type them in on Google for more information, or you can drop me a message, and I'll show you how it works.

If your ebook provides more value than a paid consultation. then you'll receive more phone calls from people willing to open up about the struggles they face in their business and why they need an accountant like you to help them.

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