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How does blogging improve my brand?

Value comes first in today’s business world and in my opinion in the history of business.

People go on Google to find the answers to their questions. Blogs are popular today and have increased in popularity because they provide information and answer daily questions that everyone asks.

If your website isn’t showing up in the search results for queries related to your business then how will you draw new prospects who aren’t already aware of your products or services?

Blogging and writing helpful content allows you to constantly refresh provide and valuable information that addresses questions your potential customers are asking now.

I’ve worked in corporate finance and also spoken to tons of different business owners in corporate finance and at least 85% of them don’t have a blog or even regular content that offers value first.

The more you invest in trying to help your prospects and giving them value first the more people will view you and your brand as a dominant force in your industry.
Ultimately this is you building your brand.

Lastly...be consistent with it.

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